HappyBee’s Red Glutinous Rice Wine 红糟酒

HappyBee’s Homemade Red Glutinous Rice Wine (红糟酒) is one of the common and preferred confinement drink which many women will take in Asia, especially Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia or China.  One of the more famous use of the Red Glutinous Rice Wine (红糟酒) is in a Chinese dish by the name of Red Glutinous Wine Chicken / Hong Zao Ji / 红糟鸡. It is best used in Chinese postnatal confinement, known as 坐月子 (zuò yuè zi, “sitting the month” or “doing the month”) cooking to relieve wind and womb recovery and strengthen the body.

This confinement drink not only tastes delicious, it is also nourishing for the new mothers. Red wine dregs (红糟 or ‘fermented rice residue/lees’) is good for blood circulation and strengthening the spleen and replenishing qi.

Benefits: For those who are trying to build their health, scare of cold temperature, fatigue, PMS, irregular menstruation, anemia, strengthening the spleen and replenishing qi and so on.

HappyBee Red Glutinous Rice Wine
Red Glutinous Rice Wine 红糟酒

5 facts about Chinese Red Wine: –

(1) Chinese rice wine is made from glutinous rice that fermented for at least 30 – 90 days which believes its will be taste better when fermented longer.

(2) There is two type of rice wine:  yellow rice wine and Red rice wine (which added the red yeast rice).

(3) It’s to believe that the red rice wine will be highly preferred for post-natal confinement mothers due to its medicinal and therapeutic benefit that had been recorded in the Chinese pharmacopoeia “Ben Cao Gang Mu” during Ming Dynasty (1364 – 1644).

(4) It will give a normal healthy person the heating body if they eat these boiled rice wine for 3x a week or every day.  However, nearly 80 – 90% of post-natal mother do not feel this at all as believe the mother body is full of dampness and yin which they require lots of heat and warm.

(5) Rice wine contain approximately 20 kinds of amino acids which known to improve liver functions, increase good cholesterol and improve immune system.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), boiled rice wine with few pieces of ginger helps to warm up the body and to resist the cold stimulus. It has been recorded that the medicinal value of rice wine assist in promoting weight loss, promotes anti-aging and beauty, especially for post-natal mothers on confinement.

*Authentic product with NO dilution.
*Free delivery for minimum purchase of 10 bottles & above
*Free wine lees/residues (红糟) for minimum purchase of 15 bottles & above.
*Minimum 50% deposit is required. Remaining balance Cash on delivery (Negotiable)
*1 bottle of Red Glutinous Rice Wine 红糟酒 – $15
*Terms & conditions apply*
For more information and to order, kindly contact/SMS/Whatsapp Elbee at +65.9381.1742.

Red glutinous Rice yeast 2


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